Meet The Principal

Hello, I am your principal, Mrs. Bertinet!

"Finding innovative and informed ways of increasing student engagement and skills is at the center of my thinking as I work with other professional educators. I am energized by working collaboratively with all staff members to brainstorm new ideas, "dig in" to current educational research, implement new strategies, reflect and revise to improve our work in schools. I believe in the power of building a positive relationship with the larger community as we strive to support students to find their strengths and unique voices in all aspects of their schooling. This work requires a collective effort as we carefully consider the 21st century skills all students need to have in order to be contributing members of society.

I come to Waterboro Elementary School with a background in literacy and educational leadership. I am a Teacher Consultant for the Southern Maine Writing Project and strongly believe in the model of teachers teaching teachers to strengthen practices, using data to inform instruction and constantly reflecting and improving in order to support the larger vision of the school district and respond to the needs of the community. My years in the classroom have taught me a great deal about what student engagement looks like, how to assess and adjust in order to meet the needs of all learners, and how professional learning communities that are focused and driven can impact student learning.

In closing, please know that I welcome your ideas and hope to find meaningful ways of working with you in order to make the experiences at W.E.S. for every learner enriching. If you have thoughts about ways we could build a partnership please contact me via email at or by phone at (207) 247-6126. I look forward to an exciting year of teaching and learning!"