School and Community

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Mrs. Proctors K Class Focuses on Wellness

WES K/1 Enjoys The Nutcracker in Portland

Be sure to ask your child about the 5-2-1-0 assembly!

How might we continue to make healthy choices at home and at school?

Making Lunch Time Totally Awesome

WES students are champions when it comes to shared cafeteria responsibilities, contributing to a community with common goals and mutual successes.

Images: Mrs. Elwell's science lab (1-9) conducting experiments on density layers, and (10-15) exploring interactions of Tums and ice cubes.

Check here for some cool science activities you can do at home with your child(ren)!

Speaking of SCIENCE- check out this awesome ATOMS family video that they put together using Green Screen Technologies and help from our P.A.C.E. teacher, Mrs. Ledue!

Updated 10/31/18